Lost and Forgotten Excel Password Recovery Software Programs

What is an Excel Workbook? It is a file employed by a famous spreadsheet application, the Microsoft Excel. These workbooks are normally sets of spreadsheet pages that take account of autonomous or mutually dependent data. The Microsoft Excel software is popularly used to generate Excel workbook files but there are other similar programs that are competent of interpreting as well as revising and checking the files. The format of Excel workbooks are often attached to either an ‘.xls’ or an ‘.xlsx’ extension. The former Excel format is used for older versions while the latter are utilized for latest editions.

When someone opens the Excel program, the first page the he will encounter is Sheet 1 or the spreadsheet tab he has recently utilized. The spreadsheet tabs are located at the screen’s bottom left. By simply clicking the tabs, he can view or edit one spreadsheet after the other. Aside from spreadsheets, Excel is also equipped with other tabs such as charts as well as add-ins. The software is also capable of converting files from Quattro Pro, Microsoft Works, Lotus 1-2-3, Microsoft Access as well as text and web files to Excel workbooks. Continue reading