How to Change Windows 8 Password?

It’s a good habit to change your password on a regular basis as it can keep your password more secure. In this article, you’ll learn how to change Windows 8 password.

Step 1. Sign in Windows 8 with the user account you want to change password of.
Step 2. Press Windows +C to open the charms bar, and then click Settings charm.

Step 3. Click Change PC Settings link to open the PC Settings window.

Step 4.  Select Users on the left, and then click Change your password under Sign-in options the right.

Step 5. Enter the current password of your Windows 8 user account, and click Next.

Step 6. Enter a new password for you user account, enter the password again to confirm it, and then enter the password hint and click Next.

Step 7. Click Finish to save the changes.

Besides, you can also change the Windows 8 password through an administrator account. And when you forgot Windows 8 password, you can change it with a previously created password reset disk.

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